Posted by: cyradisnyc | November 22, 2008

Tenesse, Oklahoma, and America by truck

My last trip was a business trip to Los Angeles. I traveled cross-country non-stop for two days in a semi-truck from New York City to Los Angeles. It was a crazy experience, but really exceptional. The photo on the banner of the blog comes from that trip. I took it shortly after waking up from my night’s sleep on the truck’s lower bunk. I wasn’t even sure where we were. (That’s the thing about traveling sometimes–you are really placing yourself in the hands of the people transporting you!)

It turns out we were somewhere in Tenessee’s Smoky Mountains. (BTW, I would love to put these locations on a map, but the one on WordPress is not great. Does anyone know of an add-on for WordPress that is a bit better?) I can really see why the trucking appeals to some people. There’s a real wonder to waking up in the morning, and then seeing everything fly by your window. I expected to be bored during the ride, but spent most of it staring out the window at the passing landscape. It is amazing that Arizona, Tenes

Arizona from the passengers seat

see, and New York are all part of the same country. Arizona, for example, looks like Mars. (Except with a blue sky!)

I don’t really go to these parts of the country very often. It was intriguing to see everything spread out before me. The strongest image from the trip is probably passing by a lit oil derrick in Oklahoma. There was nothing else around it in sight; everything else was pitch black. The derrick pumped away in the silent night, and I realized that it was fueling us as we passed by.

I’m glad that I got to do this trip, and that I got a chance to see the nation like this.


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