Posted by: cyradisnyc | November 23, 2008

Somewhere Near Chesapeake Inlet

James looked up the flight path of the plane. I had assumed that we would be flying across America, and then across the Pacific. Wrong! We’re going North, near the North Pole! How neat is that? Apparently it is much faster than flying across the Pacific. Go figure!

I’m ensconced in a semi-pod seat that is nearly as long as I am tall. I’m on the aisle, with an empty seat between myself and the gentleman on the other aisle seat. (He has one of those dust masks on. I guess it’s to stop from getting everyone else’s germs? His laptop is huge. It has a photo of his cat on the desktop. My poor kitties, they’ll be so angry with me!) The guy in the window seat has extended his seat into the bed position, and is snoring. At least if I snore here, I will blend in… I think we are all in post-lunch coma.

We’re about 3 hours into the flight. I watched “The Dark Knight”, and have eaten an excellent meal. I can’t figure out how they did it–excellent fish, an interesting liquor served right after take-off (it sounded like “riki”, I must google this once I get to an internet hotspot). So there I was, somewhere over Canada, in a reclining automatic chair watching “The Dark Knight”, drinking a beer, and eating very good food. (They give you slippers.)

It’s a little weird to be waited on like this! I’m not used to it, so I feel kind of like a rube. Part of it may also be that they don’t speak much English, and I’m not comfortable with the Japanese phrases I learned. (I suppose I could be listening to them now, but instead am listening to Pavement. I wanted to try out the Genius playlist thingie, but it needs an internet connection to function. I suspect it is just like Pandora, except lamer. Anyway.) If this is Business Class, what is First Class like??

Best part about business class? There is an outlet in the seat! My laptop can have juice all the way to Tokyo! Anyway. I just switched my system clock over to JST. It is 4:54 am there. Yikes. If I’m going to actually try and avoid jet lag, I’m going to try and take a short nap now. We’ll see if this works. (I doubt it!)


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