Posted by: cyradisnyc | November 24, 2008

3 hours out!

We’re about 3 hours from landing. I’m watching “The Count of Monte Cristo” and looking through the rail booklet to make sure I know what lines I’m looking for. The nervousness is starting to recede, and is being replaced by excitement. I will be able to see Mt. Fuji from the train from Tokyo to Kyoto, assuming that the sun has not set by then. (That will probably be very hit or miss, I think. It all depends on how the train schedule actually works out.) Hwai-ling gave me a wonderful map, which shows the location of my hostel very clearly. It’s across the street from a post office that is on the map, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find. (I hope!) Once I arrive, I will check-in, drop off my stuff, and we shall see if I have the energy to attempt anything ambitious. By ambitious, I mean eating dinner outside of the hostel’s cafe. However, the menu at the hostel is motivating. I don’t really want my first meal in Kyoto to be pizza!

The cabin lights are coming back on. The light outside is very bright, but you never would have guessed from the darkness inside the plane. I’m guessing that we’re approaching lunchtime. If this meal is as extravagant as the last, I may get indigestion. It’s so surreal.

JST: 11:57 am


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