Posted by: cyradisnyc | November 25, 2008

In the hostel

I am in the hostel, trying to work out finances for the trip. I think I may have seriously underestimated how expensive food is. Or I could just be panicking since I spent a great deal today. I seriously I will drop the same amount of money in future days here, but I think I will be trying to make breakfast in the hostel, have a light lunch, and then a more serious dinner. I may also wait to do Mount Koya. I was thinking about this already, as all the trains today and the sheer insanity of the train stations gave me a headache. Tokyo Station is beyond my ability to describe. I only made my train through the patient forbearance of several station staff. Kyoto Station was a little better, but I couldn’t figure out where to catch the train.

The Shinkansen ride was very nice. Here’s a list of things I jotted down while nriding:

  • Roofs here look different. It’s weird how much this changes the landscape.
  • Narita seems to be in the middle of farmland. I felt like I was riding a train through Totoro’s landscape!
  • That big building in Astoria that looks like a cruise ship about to set sail? Apparently that is a very popular style here. I saw many on my way here.
  • You don’t realize how fast the Shinkanesn is going unti you pass another train. It passes in under 3 seconds!

My first meal in Japan is a fishy tasting pizza in the hostel cafe It is actually quite nice (the cafe, the pizza is a bit odd) but I was hoping to have something other than pizza tonight! (They ran out of curry, and the only place I found with food through exploring was a 7-11. Go figure!) I am also pooped, and will probably go to sleep after unwinding a bit. I am not keen on wandering too far in the dark, as I have very little idea of exactly where I am. Tomorrow that will come!



  1. If you need more money, find out how I can send it! πŸ™‚

    I helped an illiterate person through a train station once by writing words on cards so she could match them. Maybe someone could do that for you in Kanji.

  2. I think I may just be having a gut panic reaction over having spent $230+ in one day. I want to see how things pan out tomorrow.

  3. Hey baby. What’s new? What’s doing?

    You will probably spend, at a bare minimum, $20 a day on food – assuming you go to McDonalds or make your own meals from scratch.

    A more realistic estimate is probably $30 a day on food.

    The interwebs tell me bento boxes, coffee shops, and do-it-yourself breakfast is the cheap way to go.

    How did you spend $230 in one day? That is a lot of sunflower seeds.

  4. fishy tasting pizza? That sounds like what Diane told us about the food there. She also said that the address numbers were quite confusing because they were numbered in order of when they were built, not where they were located.

  5. Ramen is your friend. πŸ™‚

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