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My apologies for the lack of blog posts! It turns out that ScribeFire, like every other blog editor I have tried, is very poorly done. I will have to do some make-up comments. It’s too bad.

So. This about everything after the first day!

Second Day

We discovered upon arriving at the Doge’s Palace that the airport staff had not been very clear about how the the Venice Connected pass works. For the record, you pick everything BUT that up at the airport. The museum pass is picked up at the ticket gate of the Doge’s Palace. So we decided that we would do San Marco and the Palace the next day, going to Murano instead.

We saw some proecessions and madrigals going on in the square. I couldn’t figure out if they’re paid by the city, or if it’s just a really elaborate form of street performance. (However, I never saw any of the performers taking any

I have to be honest. I was a little disappointed in Murano–everything was somewhat tacky and derivative, almost an extension of some of the worst souvenier shops in Venice itself. According to a friend of mine, if you look like you have money, you can see some amazing pieces. It’s too bad that they’ve chosen to hide whatever art is actually being produced, as it makes the island feel like a tourist trap. (It is my personal theory that most of the glass on the island is not made there, despite all the signs about Chinese-made glass killing Murano. Either that, or the artists just make the same thing over and over and over again. This photo is of the Bridge of Sighs and the building next to it.)

Kate and I visited the main church on the island, the Basilica del Santi Maria e Donato, which is known for its 12th century Byzantine style mosaics. Unfortunately most of them were being restored, but the apse mosaic was stunning. Venice and the surrounding area are probably the most proactive place i’ve seen in terms of historic preservation. (However, they do have the most distressing tendency to cover the scaffolding with the largest ads you’ll ever see.)

When we had lunch, I tried a “caffe correcto.” It is coffee that has been corrected by adding grappa, a local licquer. I must say that I do not like grappa very much at all. It tastes the way I imagine nail polish remover does.

Upon returning, we decided to visit the Galleria dell’Accademia. We took a tragehetto to get across the river, which is a beat-up retired gondola driven by crabby retired golondiers. According to the guidebook, it is how locals get around, but I never saw anyone other than tourists use them. It is a little terrifying to be in a tippy, beat-up boat when one of the vaporetti come your way.

We then walked over to the Campo Santa Margarita, which was nearby. However, the weather was pretty awful (light rain on and off all day), so it was not incredibly active. We had wine and chichietti (little appetizer platters) for diner, including a seafood salad and different kinds of sliced meats. We wound up at a cafe back at the Rialto, and had some good but unexciting tiramsu while people watching at the bridge.

My favorite photos from the day are these:

Next post, new day! Hopefully ScribeFire will post these in a timely manner instead of randomly waiting 3 days to do so.


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